1 Vision

Preserving the memory of the past as a lesson for the people of Timor-Leste and all humanities to achieve peace

2 Mission
  1. To establish a post-conflict center that can preserve the memory of the past to in the promotion of human rights and other values
3 Goals
  1. To ensure that both CAVR and CVA’s recommendations are adopted in the national development policy of every sector.
  2. To nationalize and internationalize Chega! memory
4 Principles

Centro Chega! shall work to guarantee that its modus operandi and institutional culture is consistent with values sought to be promoted in Timor-Leste and in the world. In particular, it shall be guided by the following principles:

5 Objective
6 Competencies
  1. Review and carry out programs related to recommendations in line with programs of the government and its entities in terms of their support to vulnerable survivors and involve these survivors in the activities of the center.
7 Legal Base

Article 5 of the Decree Law No. 48/ 2016 defines the mandates of the Centro Chega! as follows: